• Ventura Tactical Training Ammunition

    DESIGNED FOR: Training, Competition

    Total metal Jacket

    Unlike traditional full metal jacket ammunition which has an exposed lead base, total metal jacket projectiles are fully encased in copper. This encapsulated lead technology means less-fouling in the barrel and cleaner air in the shooting range.

    .380 ACP

    100 Grain Round Nose

    9mm Luger

    115 Grain Round Nose | 124gr Round Nose

    .38 Special

    125 Grain Round Nose

    .357 Sig

    125 Grain Truncated Cone

    .357 Magnum

    158 Grain Round Nose

    .40 S&W

    180 Grain Round Nose Flat Point

    .44 Magnum

    240 Grain Round Nose Flat Point

    .45 ACP

    230 Grain Round Nose

    .500 S&W Magnum

    350 Grain Round Nose Flat Point

    .44 Russian

    240gr Round Nose Flat Point

    Full Metal Jacket Ammunition

    Full metal jacket projectiles have a heavy copper jacket that allows them to be pushed at higher speeds than total metal jacket projectiles. These are most common in rifle rounds and are perfect for training.


    55 Grain FMJ | 62 Grain FMJ


    150 Grain FMJ | 147 Grain FMJ

    Moly-Coated Lead

    Lead projectiles are known to foul barrels quickly and require constant cleaning for high-volume shooters. We utilize moly-coated lead projectiles to completely rid any lead-fouling while maintaining unbelievable accuracy.

    .45 ACP

    200 Grain Semi-Wadcutter | 185gr SWC

    .38 Special

    158 Grain Semi-Wadcutter | 158 Grain RN

    Lead Free

    Lead free ammunition utilizes either a plated alloy bullet or a metal-polymer compound to create a lightweight, accurate, and lead-free round.

    9mm Luger

    80 Grain Alloy RN | 84gr Polycase RNP™

    .40 S&W

    158 Grain Polycase RNP™

    .45 ACP

    130 Polycase RNP™