The Beginning

Ventura Tactical Ammunition was born out of our passion for shooting and the necessity for fair-priced training ammunition. Starting Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011 we were able to take advantage of the advances in automated ammunition loading and drastically lower the market price of traditional ball ammunition. Since then, we have focused those same quality and budget-minded processes into defensive and hunting calibers with our Ventura Tactical defensive ammunition.

Where we are now

In the past couple years we have begun to expand our catalog of ammunition from small common calibers such as 9mm and .223 Remington to more exotic calibers like .458 Socom and .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum.

Along with the expansion into other calibers we have increased the effectiveness of our hunting and defensive ammunition by utilizing the latest in projectile technology. Our relenting passion for delivering high energy defensive and hunting rounds has helped us become a favorite among many high volume hunters and competitive shooters, alike.

"The shooting community relies on ammunition. It is our focus to make ammunition available, affordable, and reliable."

Where to Buy

Currently our new and remanufactured ammunition is available at Ventura Munitions, both online and in their Las Vegas retail store.

For dealer inquiries, use the contact page.

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